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Argentina is named after the precious metal silver and it is the only nation on Earth to be named after a metal. The name "Argentina" is derived from Latin argentum ("silver") as the nation was once believed to possess silver mountains.
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Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world and the second largest in Latin America.
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Argentina's highest point is Mount Aconcagua in the Mendoza province (6,959 m or 22,831 ft above sea level) It is also the highest point in the Southern and Western Hemispheres.
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Argentina's lowest point is Laguna del Carbón in the San Julián Great Depression, Santa Cruz province (−105 m or −344 ft) below sea level. It is also the lowest point in the Southern and Western Hemispheres
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The name of Argentina's capital city 'Buenos Aires' means "Fair Winds"
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Parana River is the Longest River in Argentina
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Tango music's birthplace is in Argentina. Its sensual dance moves were not seen as respectable until adopted by the Parisian high society in the 1920s, and then all over the world. In Buenos Aires, tango-dancing schools (known as academias) were usually men-only establishments.
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The Argentine city of Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world.
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The official national sport of Argentina is pato, played with a six-handle ball on horseback. The most popular sport is association football (soccer) The national football team has won two FIFA World Cups (1978 and 1986), two Olympic gold medals and fourteen Copa Américas. Argentina has produced some of the greatest players in the world, including joint FIFA Player of the Century Diego Maradona, four time FIFA Ballon d'Or recipient Lionel Messi.
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The Virgin of Luján is Argentina's patron saint
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The hornero, living across most of the national territory, was chosen as the national bird in 1928.
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Argentine wine is the national liquor, and mate, the national infusion. Asado and locro are considered by many as the national dishes.

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Top 10 cities of Argentina with populations (2012 est.) are:
1. Buenos Aires: 3,050,728
2. Córdoba: 1,372,000
3. Rosario: 1,242,000
4. Mendoza: 885,434
5. Tucumán: 789,000
6. La Plata: 732,503
7. Mar del Plata: 604,563
8. Salta: 516,000
9. Santa Fe: 493,000
10. San Juan: 453,229
Administrative Divisions:
23 provinces (provincias, singular - provincia):
1. Buenos Aires
2. Catamarca
3. Chaco
4. Chubut
5. Cordoba
6. Corrientes
7. Entre Rios
8. Formosa
9. Jujuy
10. La Pampa
11. La Rioja
12. Mendoza
13. Misiones
14. Neuquen
15. Rio Negro
16. Salta
17. San Juan
18. San Luis
19. Santa Cruz
20. Santa Fe
21. Santiago del Estero
22. Tierra del Fuego - Antartida e Islas del Atlantico Sur (Tierra del Fuego)
23. Tucuman

1 autonomous city:
1. Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires